Say “cheese”!

Julie Brancourt (fourth-generation owner) and some of the Brancourts team on the original Yagoona site in Sydney, NSW. Circa 1998


Our story began way back in the 1800’s when Julien & Alice Brancourt emigrated from France. After establishing themselves, they purchased a 40-acre farm in North Bankstown where they first started making cheese using the authentic French recipes they brought with them.

When Julien was called up for duty during WW1, Alice expanded the family’s cheese production to help supplement their income. And thus one of Australia’s best “cottage” businesses was born.

Back then we made Brie, Camembert and, of course, a French farm-style cottage cheese which – thankfully – is still made the same way today.

We kept things simple back then and we’ve tried to keep things simple for four generations since. Quietly crafting new and interesting ways to enjoy our dairy goodness using only the purest ingredients and traditional ‘Batch Crafting’ techniques.

Brancourts Family Farm

The original site of our family’s cheesemaking business. Alice first conducted sales at the front door during WW1 before the business expanded to meet the needs of markets around Sydney. Yagoona’s lush green pastures of yesteryear are in strong contrast to the suburban sprawl of today.

The Brancourt Family home.

Julien and Alice Brancourt (great-grandparents of the current owner, Julie) occupied this home on the original dairy business site in Yagoona, Sydney NSW.  Alice had a vast garden in the backyard, with fruit and veggies that she would sell to the community at local market days.  Circa 1920s.

The Founders

Julien and Alice Brandcourt. The founders of our “cottage” industry and the great-great grandparents of current owner Julie. Pictured here in their Sunday best outside their homestead.  

Milk transportation

To collect extra milk for our cheese business, this ‘modern’ milk tanker replaced our horse-and-cart in the 1960s. Today, the quantity of milk required is so high that several industrial trucks come to our sites weekly.

Generations of history

Denis Brancourt (pictured here at a family day out circa 1945)
was the third-generation owner of
Brancourts Family Dairy. 
He is succeeded by his daughter, Julie, 
the current owner.