The first of our goodies we’d love you to try is our cottage cheese. Very high in protein but low in fats and carbs, many nutritionalists and dieticians have been recommending this ‘superfood’ for years. But what really sets Brancourts Cottage Cheese apart is that it’s just so damn delicious and so incredibly versatile. Try our recipes (via the links below). Or better still, create some of your own then share them with us. We may even add them to our website for others to enjoy.


By keeping a tub of Brancourts Cottage Cheese in your fridge. you’ll have so many delicious and healthy ways to get your day off to a great start. And when you smile at breakfast, it tends to last the whole day.

Main Dishes

Creating delicious dinners (and lunches) that your family will love is simple using our cottage cheese. Be it ‘tricking up’ a salad into something special, creating a healthier pasta bake or a really creamy mac and cheese that the kids will crave.


Your options for a quick, healthy snack are now seemingly endless. Simply spread our cottage cheese straight onto bread, crispbread or crackers. Mix it with fruit and nuts. Or team it with tuna and your old friend, avocado.


Even desserts become healthier when you whip them up with Brancourts. We have a variety of dishes for you to try. Or simply substitute our cottage cheese wherever you would normally use cream or yogurt in your own recipes. Easy, hey?

“After not eating it for many years, I recently re-discovered cottage cheese when I found Brancourts in the fridge at my local Woolies. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!”  –  Jane (Moana, SA)  read more…