Rich and creamy with sweet milky flavours and a silky-smooth texture, our Sweetened Condensed Milk is made using fresh milk from cows grazing on the richest Australian dairy pastures and the natural cane sugars from Australia’s tropical north.


We offer a range of sweetened condensed milk formulations to meet the particular requirements of food service applications such as bakery goods, ice creams, beverages, confectionary items and many other food products. Please get in touch to discuss your specific formulation needs.

Nutritional information

Sweetened Condensed Milk 

  Average quantity per 100g  
Energy 1400kJ  
Protein total 7.2g  
Fat total 8.1g  
–      Saturated 5.2g  
Carbohydrates 57.5g  
–      Sugars 57.5g  
Sodium 113mg  
Calcium 252mg  

 Sweetened Condensed Milk Skim

  Average quantity per 100g  
Energy 1230 kJ  
Protein total 9.5 g  
Fat total 0.6 g  
–      Saturated 0.4 g  
Carbohydrates 61.75 g  
–      Sugars 61.75 g  
Sodium 105 mg



CMV is a condensed milk product that also has vegetable oil added to it. Skim SCM is a condensed milk product made from skim milk and has a lower fat content.

  Average quantity per 100g  
Energy 1380 kJ  
Protein total 5.8g  
Fat total 8.4g  
–      Saturated 6.2g  
Carbohydrates 57.1g  
–      Sugars 57.1g  
Sodium 83mg




  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Lactose