“Just wanted to let you know that I tried your cottage cheese for the first time and I loved it, cottage cheese has always been so bland, but yours is creamy and full of flavour even a slight undertone of lemon – just so delicious. I was so impressed.  Well done and keep up the great quality of your products.”

Linda (Coorparoo, QLD)

“After not eating it for many years, I recently re-discovered cottage cheese when I found Brancourts in the fridge at my local Woolies. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! What a wonderful product. I just can’t stop praising it to anyone who’ll listen. It’s tasty, NOT runny and just plain fantastic. So thank you very much indeed, you have a new convert.”

Jane (Moana, SA)

“Just discovered your cottage cheese. OMG, just amazingly good.”

Steve (The Patch, Vic)

“I just wanted to give you feedback on your Lactose free cottage cheese. As someone who has grown up eating dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt and cottage cheese daily, it was really hard for me to stop eating these foods. Slowly I have noticed more and more lactose free products coming to shelves but cottage cheese was something I really missed. Just wanted to thank you for making a great product.”

Gabriel (Ascot, WA)

“This is the best cottage cheese in Australia and I absolutely love it! I eat it with red radish and chives and also use it to make fillings for Polish dumplings. It’s just the best! My background is Polish and every time someone is having trouble to find a cottage cheese similar to the one we have in Poland – I send them to Harris Farm straight away for a Brancourts Farm Style Cottage Cheese. It took me a few years to discover this particular cheese and – believe me – good cottage cheese is essential in many Polish recipes. Hence my enthusiasm now and willingness to share my amazing discovery with others​. Please keep up the great job and never sacrifice the quality of your products. I know the food industry is a tough game but the winners are those who deliver great & consistent quality products. I am a big fan of yours. Thank you.”

Ania (Stanmore, NSW)